Pro Signal, a leader in automated foreign currency trading, releases a web-based version of its automated online forex trading platform. The web-based version of the forex currency trading platform provides individual forex traders access to hundreds of forex trading strategies offered by a variety of professional forex signal providers and forex system developers.

ProSignal allows forex traders around the world to access their online forex trading software from any web browser on any computer and use its simple interface to compare and evaluate real-time historical performance data of over 400 forex trading systems. The platform allows forex traders to build diversified portfolios that incorporate different trading systems on multiple currency pairs then view the "combined" equity curve of the portfolio based on historical real-time trading results. Any trading strategy can be set to automatically execute trades on a trader's forex brokerage account 24 hours per day, allowing the trader the freedom to turn off their computer and go about their daily business.

While many forex signal providers charge up to $200 per month for a subscription to their forex trade signals, ProSignal's automated forex trading platform allows traders access to thousands of monthly trade signals generated by over 100 different forex signal providers without any monthly subscription fees or signup fees. Instead, forex auto-traders only pay trading commissions of $1 per round-turn trade per 10k lot plus the forex broker's spread fees. This gives ProSignal's subscribers access to thousands of dollars worth of forex trade signals each month, yet they only pay for the trades that are actually executed on their forex brokerage account.

"Customers value the power and flexibility ProSignal's forex AutoTrader platform offers. Having one easy-to-use forex trading platform that records real-time trade activity makes the due-diligence process of selecting a trading strategy significantly easier. Once a client has determined which trading strategies best fit their financial goals, execution can be set up to be fully automated," says Steve Knapp, Director of Operations. "Our clients love the fact that they can choose from hundreds of professional trading strategies and still maintain complete control over their own forex trading account at all times."

The forex market continues to be the largest and most liquid market in the world with over $2 trillion in daily volume. It's also the most versatile market in the world, allowing day traders to buy or sell in either direction on a currency pair. Until recently, trading in the forex market was only available to large institutional clients and banks. Thanks to easy worldwide access via the internet and competition between forex brokers, minimum investments have been drastically lowered and the foreign exchange market is now easily accessible to anyone in the world who has an internet connection.

ProSignal was founded in 2003 and has been a world leader in bringing innovative Forex trading tools to individuals and institutional clientele. ProSignal's web-based automated online forex trading platform allows traders the ability to evaluate, test, and automate over 400 different Forex trading systems. All ProSignal trading software, including their forex charts, comes with comprehensive forex training and support.