Aqumin today announced the unveiling of AlphaVision 2.5 at the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Expo in New York. AlphaVision 2.5 provides the first ever Options Landscape. Traders can instantly compare multiple option classes for hundreds of underliers on one screen in real time.

“Instead of screening for just the top option movers, the AlphaVision Option Landscape can show multiple option movers and their subtle changes in Option Classes that would normally slip by screening tools. Instead of just having a few Equity names on a watch list, our users can follow 1000's of individual strikes and multiple classes at once and easily see changes in implied volatility instantly,” said Andrew Giovinazzi, EVP for Business Development at Aqumin (former 15 year member at the PCX and CBOE).

Also announced today, Aqumin has added a new “View” Library which brings market professionals closer to the views they want to see with a single mouse “click.” Pre-configured market views allow users to see and interact with stock, option, ETF, bond and Index data in a 3D Market Landscape in real time – on one screen for interactive analysis.

Aqumin’s rapid innovation cycle, also includes the simultaneous release of their Enterprise Intelligence Server to complement AlphaVision 2.5. Aqumin’s Enterprise Intelligence Server provides the same 3D interactive landscapes for Business Intelligence, Surveillance, Regulatory, and Risk-management professionals. AlphaVision EI Server seamlessly integrates with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Analysis Server and OData.

“AlphaVision 2.5 is a tremendous advance to increase data transparency in today’s dynamic volatile market environment. Too often data important to decision-making is hidden from view buried in our databases. AlphaVision 2.5 takes full advantage of current 3D hardware so you can see what you need to see quickly for timely research, and trading decisions. With our new Options Landscape – derivatives are now more transparent than ever. AlphaVision™ is an innovation whose time has come," said Michael Zeitlin, CEO, Aqumin.

Aqumin specializes in the integration of large scale complex financial and other data into a single easy to interpret visual environment for financial professionals. AlphaVision™ integrates with data from Bloomberg, Hanweck, Activ Financial, LiveVol, RavenPack and other premier data providers.