The revolutionary forex trading platform eToro is now officially the leading forex service provider, according to November’s Alexa rankings. eToro's innovative and user friendly approach to forex trading have catapulted it miles ahead of the compet

Forex trading is an incredibly competitive field, and as in any industry on the rise, innovation pays off. eToro's technology is a perfect embodiment of its radical approach to the forex trading industry. The platform literally transforms conventional forex trading into a visual user friendly experience that appeals to novice and seasoned forex traders alike.

In the past few months eToro have also added valuable new features to their already successful software. These additions included an impeccable one click trading system which allows forex traders to execute trades with literally one click of a button. Another important development in the eToro platform's array of forex trading tools has been the introduction of the Top Traders' Insight tool. This feature enables traders to view the most popular trades among eToro's top one hundred traders. It gives novice traders the opportunity to learn or simply copy from the pros, as well as giving more seasoned traders an excellent second opinion on their trading decisions.

All and all, one can only hope that the folks at eToro continue realizing their vision of a more egalitarian forex market where forex trading is accessible to one and all. It is thanks to this vision combined with a relentless commitment to excellence that eToro now finds itself in the number one slot in the field of online forex.