Acclaimed Gain Capital Group and forex trader Todd Gordon has released a new DVD, Forex Trading Using Fibonacci and Elliott Wave, with publisher Marketplace Books. During his 90-minute seminar, Gordon will show you how to successfully use his favorite tools to conquer the forex markets. His system F.E.W.L. stands for Fibonacci Elliott Wave Levels-Todd’s preferred method for taking profit from the markets, even during the most volatile of times.

And with stores closing, companies laying off workers, and a new President taking office, today’s markets are among the most volatile in history. Traders have to educate themselves now more than ever in order to just make it through these challenging times. For investors who want to do more than make it through, the techniques that Gordon reveals in this DVD presentation will give investors the knowledge and skills to actually create profits.

In his entertaining, give-and-take style, Gordon delves into the underlying principles of his preferred trading methodology. He covers basic market psychology before jumping right into how to use Fibonacci projections and extensions, how to make sense of Elliott Wave counts, and how to combine both for a sure-fire edge in the forex markets.

Todd Gordon is a technical currency strategist and fund trader with GAIN Capital Group, a leading provider of foreign exchange services, including direct access trading and asset management. A Chartered Market Technician Level I (CMT), Todd produces GAIN’s widely-read Strategy of the Day, a detailed currency analysis that provides actionable trade signals on a daily basis. This report also features Fibonacci relationships and Elliot Wave principles, along with conventional techniques. He is also a popular speaker about forex and has recently been featured on CNBC.